Little Angel~*°


when I think bOut us

I reCognize that the chanCe that we have is nOt really hOpefOul

11.5.07 11:36


whO knOws if it´s really lOve

or if it´s just anOther painfull illusiOn

11.5.07 11:33

where shell I gO

when I´m unable tO see whats gOing on

wOuld yOu tell me the way?

wOuld yOu prOmise that yOu wOun´t lie?!

11.5.07 11:27

everythin seems tO be sO wrOng

am I tO blind tO see what life cOuld be

11.5.07 11:25


I dOn´t wanna be riCh

I dOn´t wanna be famOus

I dOn´t wanna have a milliOn of friends

all I want is tO be yOur girl

11.5.07 11:10

I bet it makez yOu laugh

watChin me wOrkin sO hard

tO reaCh yOu

yOu never gave a damn

but all of these things I did tO pleased yOu

all that yOu wanted

yOu´ve fOund sOmeOne else

and nOthing cOuld drag yOu away frOm yOurself

are yOu never gOnna be that real tO me?

everythin tO me??

11.5.07 11:04

fly if yOu are able tO fly

lOve if yOu are able tO lOve

beCause yOu Can never get what yOu want tO get
11.5.07 10:57

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nOt a tOy



Linis bloQ

abOut me

with wiCh yOu can play


wOrry me





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